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Having access to the Internet is pretty incredible; you can connect, create, learn, and share all from an electronic device. Think about it; the Internet is the only place where you can look up a recipe for dinner, talk to your aunt in another state, and listen to your favorite song simultaneously. However, giving this much freedom to a child certainly has its risks so we have prepared today’s blog post on the 10 Internet safety tips every kid should know before they have a smartphone or venture onto social networking sites. These helpful Internet safety tips will help you keep your child safe while using the Internet at home, school, or a friend’s house.

internet safety tips

First, you as a family need to set some clear and concise boundaries for Internet use. This will ensure that you and your child are on the same page with what is acceptable and what is not acceptable when it comes to online use. Hear what your child has to say about why they would like online access and what they plan to do while online. We have come up with five guidelines to help get you and your family started:

  1. Set a time limit on how long your child can spend online
  2. Discuss which sites are allowed and not allowed
  3. Discuss online monitoring
  4. Talk about online etiquette
  5. Put consequences in place if rules are not followed


Next, go over these 10 Internet safety tips with your kids. Click here for a FREE (INTERNET SAFETY TIPS) printable. Hang it near the family computer or on the fridge as a daily reminder that following these guidelines is essential.

  1. Keep your passwords secret (except from parents)
  2. Don’t talk or accept anything from strangers
  3. Keep personal information private (address, phone number, the school you attend, etc.)
  4. Never meet anyone in person that you met online
  5. Close and tell an adult if you see something that makes you feel uncomfortable or worried
  6. Ask for permission before you download
  7. Be aware of what you share
  8. Check your privacy settings
  9. Only access sites that have been approved by a parent
  10. Be kind and respectful to everyone online

internet safety tips

Have you heard about netiquette? It’s etiquette for your online presence. Familiarize your child with some of these essential netiquette points to ensure they are a great digital citizen.

  • Devices do not come to the dinner table.
  • Conventional manners still apply to virtual manners.
  • Never say anything online that you wouldn’t say in person or in front of your family.
  • Nothing online is private. Once it’s online, it’s there forever.
  • Be scholarly and use proper language, grammar, and spelling.
  • Be polite. Avoid sarcasm, being rude, or writing in all capital letters (shouting).
  • Be professional. Represent yourself well at all times. Keep a clean digital footprint.
  • Be respectful. Ask for permission before sharing or tagging pictures of others.

netiquette tips

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What are some online rules you have instilled in your household? Share them in the comment section below!