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May is Better Hearing and Speech month, and as a way for us to celebrate and raise awareness about communication disorders and hearing health, we have scoured reviews, Facebook groups, and other blogs to find the top 10 apps to help your toddler improve their speech, articulation, and language development. 

It is important to us that we provide you, our readers, with the absolute best, tried and true apps because we understand the frustration that you feel when you have a little one with speech issues. Our son was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) when he turned three years old, November 2018. If your toddler is burnt out from flashcards and flip books, then it might be time for you to explore some apps that disguise learning in a fun and playful setting.

The apps that we have compiled in the list below are apps that we actually use in our home regularly. They provide a nice and necessary break in-between speech therapy, preschool, and just being a three-year-old.

Whether your kiddo has a known speech impairment or delay or you just want to get a head-start on your little one’s language development, we whole-heartedly believe that you will find at least a few of these apps helpful 🙂


Articulate it! Pro: A certified SLP designed this app, so you know it is going to be worthwhile! No matter what level of articulation/phonology your child is at, they will benefit from practicing consonants, digraphs, and consonant clusters. My favorite part about this app is that it keeps track of accuracy, the number of words attempted, and the date so I can share a clear and concise record log with my son’s SLP. Bonus, this app allows you to do recordings and notes! I cannot say enough good things about Articulate it! Pro.

Articulation Station Pro: This app was also created by a certified SLP and is geared towards helping little ones produce their sounds more clearly. Articulation Station Pro has eight super-fun activities that will keep your kiddo engaged and practicing. Currently, our son loves the matching game and rotating phrases! This app also lets you do voice recordings!

Peekaboo Barn: Ahh…this was a favorite of ours for a few solid months. Our SLP introduced this app to us at one of our therapy sessions when our son was about two and a half years old. Cute little animals are in the barn making noises, and your child tries to practice saying and guessing the name of the animal, then open the barn doors to see if your child is correct! It’s fun to see the smile on their face when the little animal pops out of the barn.

Endless Reader and Endless Alphabet: Love, love, love Endless Reader and Endless Alphabet because it brings the sight words and letters of the alphabet to life for your little one. This interactive app is a stress-free tool for you and your child.

Boo Articulation: If your child has apraxia, then this app is a must-try because Boo the adorable little frog helps children practice their sounds with spontaneous repetition (which is SO important for kiddos with apraxia). What’s even better is that Boo articulates the sound or syllable that is being practiced. He clearly shows mouth, tongue and vocal folds movement so your child can see what the sounds look like. How awesome is that?!

Speech Blubs: This app is so much fun, especially if your child loves playing with Snapchat and Facebook filters! With over 1,000 exercises, activities, videos, filters, and more your child will learn new sounds and words. We use this app when we know our son is a little burnt out with the standard speech practice. If he can laugh and smile while still learning, it’s a green light over here.

ABCya Games: Remember when you were little, and you learned the alphabet by pure repetition? Kids these days are incredibly lucky because this app helps them learn their ABC’s with over 250+ games that are so enticing that your kiddo has no idea that they are actually working on real stuff that they will need to know for school. One of our favorite games in the app is the letter tracing. Our son is currently boycotting writing on paper, so this is the best we can do at the moment to get him to practice writing his letters.

AtlasMission Educational Games: This app is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 6 to help them with sight words, vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension and writing. My son is three, and when he is a little older, we will certainly be giving this app another go.

Homer: Who else has seen Homer ads while scrolling through their social media accounts? That is the sole reason I downloaded this app, and I am glad I did! You can personalize your child’s account to ensure they are getting age-appropriate content and customized activities that coincide with your child’s interests! The purpose of this app is to set your child up for reading success by introducing phonics, sight words, phrases, and more.

Duck Duck Moose Reading: If your child loves animals, they will love this app with Milo the Meerkat and his sidekick, Puffs. Through 9 different activities, your child can collect animals and make their own zoo scene as they learn more letter sounds. Our son is an avid zoo-goer, so Duck Duck Moose is one of his favorites when we are on long car rides.

10 Must-Have Apps for Speech & Articulation

If you have any toddler speech or articulation apps that you and your little one love, please tell us in the comment section below!