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The Digital Detox Challenge

There's no doubt about it; social media is addicting. There's always something new being posted across your various social networking accounts, and there is always someone or something to keep yourself entertained and engaged. Often, many of us have a love-hate...

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Summer Screentime Rules

Summer is here and that means you are going to inevitably hear, "I'm bored." It may be tempting to allow your children to have unlimited screentime to keep them occupied but if you set some clear summer screentime rules at the start of summer, you will all have a more...

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10 Internet Safety Tips Every Kid Should Know

Having access to the Internet is pretty incredible; you can connect, create, learn, and share all from an electronic device. Think about it; the Internet is the only place where you can look up a recipe for dinner, talk to your aunt in another state, and listen to...

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