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Do you smell that? That’s the smell of your childhood leaking out of the Disney vault! Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you are well aware that Disney just made a power move by releasing its new streaming service, Disney+. Since most of the general population has had access to Disney Plus for almost a week, we created a Disney Plus Challenge. Scroll to the bottom and see how you measure-up with Shoreline Communications’ Disney Plus Challenge!

Disney+ has all of the classic movies you grew up with and new releases that your kids are obsessed with, Pixar titles, Star Wars, and Marvel all in one spot to make your movie watching, or binging, as easy as possible. What’s even better is that this exciting new streaming service will only cost you $6.99/mo. Many users have already claimed that because of the mass selection of children’s movies on Disney+ that they plan on canceling their Netflix and/or Hulu subscriptions.

If you are not familiar with streaming devices, you are able to access Disney+ on the various devices:

Amazon Fire TV
Android TV

Chrome OS
Windows PC

Mobile & Tablet
Amazon Fire Tablets
Android Phones & Tablets
iPhone & iPad

Game Consoles
Xbox One

If you are feeling unsure and not ready to commit to the Disney+ subscription, they are generous enough to allow you to access Disney+ for 7 days! Free is free, might as well check it out!

There are so many titles that you can access on Disney+, it made it nearly impossible for us to choose just a handful. How many points do you currently have in Shoreline Communications’ Disney Plus Challenge? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Disney Plus