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Questions & Answers

We understand you have some questions embarking on a new provider journey. We can help! Also feel free to contact us below or contact (231) 788-2922 for further questions.

What makes you different than the 1-800 number or corporate store?

Great question! We are glad you asked! We are 100% local! We live, work, and play in West Michigan just like you. When you choose Shoreline Communications, you are choosing to support our West Michigan community. And if you don’t live in Michigan, like we do, you should feel great comfort in choosing us as we are an AT&T Preferred Dealer and are ranked amongst the top 10% of dealers Nationwide because of our exceptional customer service and knowledge in Wireless, Internet, and TV.

How long do phone repairs take?

Depends on what type of repair is required. If your phone is not able to be repaired the same day, expect it to take no longer than 48 hours. (Some rare exceptions do apply).

Will you come to my place of business and pick up my phone for repair?

Of course, anytime, anywhere! We offer on-site mobile phone repair as well as complementary pickup & drop-off of your mobile device(s) from the location of your choosing.(must be within Muskegon, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Ferrysburg, Whitehall, Montague, Ravenna.)

Does phone repair come with a warranty?

Oh, it sure does! You will receive a 90 day warranty for the parts that were repaired. Example: If we replace your speaker and your speaker stops working, we replace it. If we replace your speaker and then your screen cracks because you dropped it, your screen is not covered. Got it? If not, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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