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Ten years ago it was rare to see tweens and teens with cell phones, but now it’s rare to see them without one. With the world essentially at your child’s fingertips, it’s important to set clear rules and boundaries for cell phone use. Technology is a wonderful thing, but children are just that, children. They cannot always see the danger or harm that can be done with oversharing of personal information or inappropriate conduct while online. That’s where parental controls come into play. This is just another resource for parents to use to keep their child safe. When using a parental control app, you don’t have to constantly ask your tween or teen to surrender their beloved device. You don’t have to endure the eye rolling and melodramatic behavior because the apps allow you to view their activity from your device! Win-win!

Parental controls can help aid you in protecting your kids’ against all online and offline dangers such as online predators, suicide, cyber bullying, sexting, inappropriate behavior, and drug and alcohol use.

We believe it is incredibly important to keep our kids mentally and physically safe while online, so we did the dirty work and found the best parental control apps that will fit your needs and budget. Finally, you can give your child more independence and privacy and you can have peace of mind.

Need some assistance in setting some rules and boundaries for your kid’s cell phone or tablet? Scroll to the bottom of this post and you will see that we have created a free printable cell phone contract for your convenience.

-Monitors 24 social networks
-Automatic parental alerts
-Algorithmic monitoring, parents don’t have to comb through data

-Free 7-Day Trial

-Available in English & Spanish
-Tracks calls and texts
-Blocks pornography
-Time limit controls on selected games and apps
-Location tracking and panic button

-Basic Plan: FREE
-Premium Plan: $54.95/year

-See all SMS and texts, deleted texts, photos, website history, call log history, GPS location, social media, app usage, and more.
-All data (even pictures) are scanned for risky behavior, which generates alerts when triggered
-View activity remotely through mobile user interface
-No “jailbreaking” or rooting required

-FREE trial
-$10.83/mo. after free trial

-Manage smartphone and tablet time
-Set daily limits
-Pause devices remotely, in an instant
-Set tasks and reward with extra screen time
-Set blocked periods of time for sleep/homework/dinner
-Usage reports and web history

-14 day FREE trial
-Basic Plan: FREE
-Premium Plan: $4.99/mo.

mSPY Lite Phone Tracker App
-Real time cell phone GPS Tracker
-Location safety zones
-Contact list monitoring
-Panic button
-Call history monitoring
-Text message monitoring
-Applications monitoring

-Packages start at $19.99/mo.

SaferKid Text Monitoring App
-Block adult content
-Text message monitoring
-View phone contacts
-View phone call history
-Limit screen time
-Receive alerts if your children access dangerous apps

$14.99/mo. after free trial

-Schedule screen time
-Lock all family devices instantly
-Pick and choose categories for Internet filtering
-Review 4 weeks of internet browsing history
-Allow or block social media apps and games
-Allow or block video apps and sites

-$39.99/mo. after free 7-Day Trial

Parental controls, do you use them or plan on using them? Tell us why or why not in the comment section below.

Click to download printable phone contract.