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Hey, MacBook fans, how many of you have experienced the ongoing frustration that comes with carrying your charger and cable cords?! They are bulky, clunky, and are damaged far too quickly! I love my MacBook Pro, however, I hate carrying around the charger cords that get all tangled up and looks like a hot mess when I pull it out to plug it in. I wanted something that made carrying my charging cord for my Mac easy and sleek. It was as if Facebook could read my mind because low and behold I just happened to scroll upon an ad for a product called Fuse Charger Reels. It stated that the Side Winder reel was specifically designed to wind and unwind your MacBook charger and cable. I purchased this product within 2 minutes. Impulsive, maybe? Genius, yes.

Messy and tangled up MacBook cords are not cool

Fuse Charger Reels saw a problem for Mac users, and they effectively solved that problem at an extremely affordable price. I paid $28.99 + shipping and handling for my Side Winder reel, and I am in love! 

Key Features of the Fuse Charger Reel (from their website, very accurate):

  • Adjustable: The Side Winder keeps the cables organized. You get a span of 12 inches to 12 feet.
  • Portable: Just like all Apple products, this product is sleek. It can be tossed into your bag just as easily as your MacBook.
  • Organized: This keeps your cables organized quickly and easily. 
  • Protected: The Side Winder keeps your cables from fraying and bending in any which way, which seems to be a common problem for MacBook users.


Side Winder by Fuse Charger Reel

The Side Winder by Fuse Charger Reels wins this week’s edition Friday Favorites by Cathryn at Shoreline Communications because it expertly solves a known problem for MacBook users at an affordable price. Plus, it just looks cool. I feel ahead of the times when I whip out my Side Winder at a meeting or a busy coffee shop. My days of tangled up MacBook cords is over, and I couldn’t be happier! See, it’s such an awesome product that I took a selfie with it 😉

Fuse Reel Side Winder

This post is not sponsored at all, this is just a product I found and that I love and I would like to share it with you and hopefully make your life just a little bit more organized 🙂 

The solution to your messy and tangled MacBook cords