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Summer is here and that means you are going to inevitably hear, “I’m bored.” It may be tempting to allow your children to have unlimited screentime to keep them occupied but if you set some clear summer screentime rules at the start of summer, you will all have a more productive and enjoyable time over the next couple of months. Scroll to the bottom and you will find a FREE printable copy of some great summer screentime rules that you can keep on your fridge or in your family room.

Summer is full of so many exciting possibilities like riding bikes with friends, swimming at the beach, enjoying family picnics, exploring outdoors, and going to the movies on rainy days. Make sure your kids aren’t glued to their devices 24/7 and are able to have a well-rounded, wholesome summer by instilling a few summer screentime rules.

Summer Screentime Rules

After your child completes their daily to-do list, set a time limit for screentime so you are all on the same page from the very beginning of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable this summer. Looking to print this out this handy little summer screentime rules? Click HERE for a free printable.

Need some ideas on what you and your kids can do with their screen-free time? You’re in luck! We have compiled a list of fifty great ideas to get your kiddos moving and grooving this summer! We even took it one step further and have found some great resources for some of the activities below.

  1. Build a fort
  2. Play a board game
  3. Visit the library
  4. Go to the park
  5. Try a new recipe
  6. Learn how to draw something new
  7. Make some crafts (paper airplanes, slime, playdoh, etc.)
  8. Paint rocks & make a story
  9. Attend a free event in the community
  10. Have a scavenger hunt (indoors or outdoors)
  11. Go to the beach or pool
  12. Make a summer journal & write in it every day
  13. Have a sleepover with friends
  14. Plant & water flowers
  15. Have a dance party
  16. Have a picnic
  17. Do a puzzle
  18. Make sock puppets & have a puppet show
  19. Make friendship bracelets
  20. Play with chalk & bubbles
  21. Run through the sprinklers
  22. Have a mini-Olympics in the backyard
  23. Read a new book
  24. Write a letter to a friend or soldier
  25. Volunteer
  26. Find toys to donate
  27. Make an obstacle course
  28. Make homemade pizza
  29. Create your own superhero
  30. Do a science experiment
  31. Go to the museum
  32. Have a mini car wash
  33. Feed the ducks
  34. Bake a sweet treat for your neighbors
  35. Draw a self-portrait
  36. Make a music video
  37. Play balloon volleyball
  38. Make tye-dye shirts
  39. Movie marathon
  40. Create a summer memory jar
  41. Make sponge water bombs
  42. Have a glow stick bubble bath
  43. Make homemade popsicles
  44. Fly a kite
  45. Make and race boats
  46. Stargaze
  47. Have a jump rope competition
  48. Plan dinner & help cook it
  49. Create your own board game
  50. Catch fireflies

50 screen-free activities

Memories will surely be made and a great summer will be had when you balance screentime with other activities. At our house, we plan on having lots of playground time, outdoor picnics, trips to the splash pad, and beach days this summer! What do you and your children plan on doing this summer? Tell us in the comment section below 🙂